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Setting generics/parameters in Mentor Precision

Mentor Precision RTL can set generics from a Tcl command.

There is a deprecated option for the setup_design command, which is the -generics switch. The Tcl command has to set a "list of lists" as follows:

setup_design -generics { {nbits 4} {maxcount 10} }


The recommended way to set generics/parameters is to use the -overrides switch. Remember that VHDL generics are treated as case insensitive whereas Verilog parameters are treated as case-sensitive

setup_design -overrides { {nbits 4} {maxcount 10} }

Note the use of curly brackets to enclose each list. This command can be typed at the console of the Precision GUI, or included in a Tcl synthesis script.

Note that each tool has to analyze the code first to identify generics and/or parameters. It is recommended to put default values for generics/parameters so that the code will definitely synthesize even without overriding the generic values.

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