Campera Electronic Systems VHDL Libraries

High performance, vendor independent VHDL Digital Signal Processing library. Building your next DSP on FPGA has never been so quick and easy. 
IP Cores can be used also in Safety-Critical applications and Mission-Critical applications (EN 61508, DO 254, DO178). 
All Campera's IP Cores are architected, designed and verified with a strict and rigorous development flow


Video Processing Solutions address high resolutions, high frame-rates and ultra low-latency demanding applications.
Easily add competitive advantage to surveillance applications which are subject to movements of the camera or sensor platform.
ASIP cores are especially effective for powerful zoom systems and/or object recognition and tracking systems; pole-mounted, vehicle mounted, marine and defence users will instantly benefit from improved detection, recognition and identification.


  • Security & Surveillance

  • Military Vision Systems & Drones

  • ADAS

  • 8K Display & Transport


The Radar Processing Cores are fully programmable Digital Signal Processor Units optimized for radar applications.

The Radar Processing Units are flexible, efficient, reliable and de-risked ways of building high performances Radar DSP processing Units on a FPGA.

The CES Radar Processing Units CRP10M can be used to build complete, high perfomances, radar processing modules on a FPGA in days, instead of months!



  • Radar

  • Lidar

  • Sonar

The DSPeeD VHDL Library is a collection of modules used in almost every DSP processing applications. From filtering (FIR, IIR, 1D, 2D, CIC, multirate filters) up to FFT (radix-2/4/8, Cooley-Tukey/Winograd), DDC/DUC, DDS, extended CORDIC to mention a few.

Each module is designed to serve a niche of ultra high performance applications with extreme requirements of data-rate, resourse usage, power and speed.

Each library module has a fixed point and floating point implementation and can be used in Safety-Critical applications.

  • DSP

  • Radar/Lidar/Sonar

  • Communications

  • Biomedical

  • Astronomy

The CES UTILITY LIBRARY is a collection of modules used in almost every FPGA design. All the modules are vendor independet high quality VHDL code, with self checking testbenches and documentation. 

In the CES UTILITY LIBRARY customers will find a full set of memory modules (single port, dual port, true dual port), synchronous and asynchronous FIFOs, Encoders and Decoders and a lot of other essential modules.

  • All FPGA/CPLD design

The MATH LIBRARY is a collection of modules that are used in almost every FPGA design. All modules are vendor independent high quality VHDL code, with self checking testbenches and documentation. 

In the MATH LIBRARY customers will find a full set of mathematical VHDL modules for integer, fixed point and floating point (single or double precision, IEEE-Standard-754 compliant) arithmetic. Both real and complex data types are supported. Trigonometric function are implemented.


  • All FPGA\CPLD design


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