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Lattice Diamond and Tcl

The Lattice Diamond design environment includes an interactive Tcl Console and extended Lattice Diamond Tcl commands.

You can view the integrated Tcl Console by selecting its tab at the bottom of the Lattice Diamond main window. You can enter “help” at the Tcl prompt to see the major groups of Tcl commands for Lattice Diamond.

All of the Lattice Diamond Tcl commands that are available in the integrated Tcl Console. You can launch it from the Accessories folder of the Lattice Installation.

You can use a command line shell to launch the Diamond software and automatically run a Tcl script.

Launching Diamond and run a Tcl script

In the Tcl console or other command line shell, enter the following command to lunch Diamond and execute a Tcl script:
On Windows:
pnmain.exe -t<tcl_path_file>
On Linux:
diamond -t<tcl_path_file>

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