High performance FPGA and their applications
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FPGA Design
Our HDL code is completely vendor independent
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FPGA Solutions
We customize our IP cores and design new ones to respond to our Customers’ needs
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reference point for Embedded Systems development

Campera Electronic Systems

Campera Electronic Systems  is a high-technology, privately held, founded in 2014 and based in Navacchio, Pisa, Italy, at Navacchio Techno Park.

With more than 10 years of experience on high performance FPGAs and their applications, the company has grown from a small start-up to an innovative SME, well established in the electronics market, and it has become a reference point for Embedded Systems development.

Campera Electronic Systems has developed proprietary HDL Design Flow, techniques and utilities and an immense HDL IP cores library, with fully verified high performance building blocks.


A wide range of products and services

These include broad scope FPGA design services, HDL IP cores, customized designs and IP Cores for:Radar/Sonar, Aerospace and Defense, Space, Radio Astronomy, Test and Measurement and High Performance Computing markets.

We offer FPGA Design services of the highest standard thanks to our engineering expertise:

  • In 5 years we have concluded 70 different FPGA projects
  • Experts in all major vendors: 54 Xilinx projects, 11 Intel, 5 Lattice, 5 Microsemi
  • 21 projects in SoC platforms (Zynq and others)

We use:

  • Proprietary VHDL coding standards
  • Automatic linting and core reviews
  • Repository with version control system
  • Modular based design for reusability
  • Modern verification techniques
  • Comprehensive checklists

We develop and sell our proprietary FPGA IP CORES, vendor independent, optimized in terms of speed, power and resource usage for our customers to easily integrate into their own systems.
We customize our IP cores and design new ones to respond to our Customers’ needs. We offer:

  • More than 115 IPs
  • 7 different libraries
  • 110 000 lines of code with 40 000 lines of comments

The IPs vary from simple to complex functions, and are ready to use configurable systems, from simple FIFO IP Cores, up to a complete ready to use ATA Over Ethernet Bridge IP.

Campera Electronic Systems always pushes the frontiers of technology by participating in international research projects and collaborating with academic and research institutions. We participate in networks of excellence (HiPEAC), influencing the direction of computing systems research. We are always looking to recruit the best and most talented developers and the brightest minds and help them grow in our creative environment.


Those partnerships manifest the appreciated technical skills of our Team and the will of the company become even more a reference and center of excellence for FPGA.